Our Commitment to the Environment

We take our environmental impact very seriously, and as such we adhere to the following:

  • We do not use chemicals, developers or fixers.
  • We use paper which is from recycled or sustainable, well managed stocks.
  • We recycle all plates.
  • We use vegetable oil based inks in place or pure oil inks.
  • Offcuts are minimised and recycled.
  • Waste is reduced as much as possible.

Please ensure that the following guidelines are met:

Make sure to supply your artwork as a Print ready PDF
Include at least 3mm bleed
Add cropmarks
Leave a 3mm ‘safe zone’ from the edge of the page to any text or image that does not bleed (this may differ depending on the product being ordered).
Ensure all images are at least 300dpi at actual size
Use CMYK colour format
Embed all images
Convert text to curves or embed all fonts
Selection of colour palette guides