Paper over board boxes

These exquisite boxes are meticulously crafted by enveloping premium papers around a sturdy board structure, resulting in a flawless, high-end finish that conceals any visible edges.

Recognised as the epitome of luxury in customised box manufacturing, this production technique enables the inclusion of special features such as discreet magnet closures, seamless transparent windows and intricate details that would be challenging to achieve with corrugated card.

These boxes offer both the desired stiffness and a remarkable sense of quality, making them ideal for sellers of watches, perfumes and other fine goods. Additionally, they provide excellent protection for the contents while serving as an exceptional canvas to showcase your logo, brands and messages on the surrounding paper.

By utilising these boxes, brands can command higher prices for their products and cultivate customer loyalty. The care and passion you have for your merchandise will undoubtedly be conveyed through the way it is elegantly packaged.


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