Peel and Reveal / Multipage

From food products to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, peel and reveal labels have become a versatile tool for communication, providing convenience and value to both manufacturers and consumers.

An innovative packaging solution that has gained popularity in recent years, these labels are designed to provide additional information, instructions or promotional content hidden beneath a top layer. With a simple peel, consumers can uncover hidden details about a product, such as ingredients, usage instructions, or special offers.

We can offer two and three layer label options giving you a maximum of five printed sides in both paper and synthetic materials.

The two main types of Multilayer labels are Wet Peel and Dry Peel.

Wet peel labels are designed to peel and reseal usually with a permanent spine (like a book) along 1 side. We can also incorporate an easy peel killed adhesive tab for easier opening.

Dry Peel labels are designed for promotional/coupon labelling so that when the top layer is peeled open it comes away from the base label with no adhesive remaining on either part. This is suitable as a voucher or for collection purposes for a promotional item.


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