Single Ply Labels

Specialising in manufacturing plain and printed labels using Flexographic and Digital printing presses. Our labels can be finished with matt, satin, or full gloss varnishes, and we offer over-lamination for weather and chemical protection. Using metallic materials with or without white ink, we can create stunning “Foil Look” labels with a full range of colours. We also use combination printing with Flexographic print and a variety of Cold-Foils, including metallic and holographic options. Additionally, our Digital press allows for small runs and variable printing.

We offer different presentation options;

  • Reels are available in small or large sizes, suitable for hand or automated application, with full-width cores ranging from 12.7mm to 101.6mm.
  • Sheets can be provided in single or multiple configurations on a sheet.
  • We also offer fanfolded labels, perforated for easy storage and compatible with over printers.

Your labels will be packaged according to your preferences. Whether you prefer bulk packaging or individually wrapped/bagged labels for distribution, we can accommodate your needs.


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